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WiMAP-4G - radio planning tool


When downloading WiMAP-4G please select the 32/64bit version which fits to your OS. WiMAP-4G is written in Java and can therefore also run on non-Windows-OS. However, this is not supported. The download bundles also contain a demo version of CORLA and WinProp which requires a Windows-OS.

Application Details
Version: 7.1.2
Windows Installer Setup
WiMAP-4G Professional/Community Edition 32-bit
WiMAP-4G Professional/Community Edition 64-bit
WiMAP-4G Professional/Community Edition 64-bit
(7.2. - Beta - only experimental!)
License Update Description
Feature List
WiMAP-4G Manual
WiMAP-4G Pricing / Preisliste
brown-iposs General Terms / AGB's
WiMAP-4G Software License Agreement - English

To run WiMAP-4G you need a license file. If you have purchased WiMAP-4G Professional Edition, you will have received a USB-dongle containing the full license. Please contact us for requesting a Professional License by e-mail.

Otherwise you can obtain a WiMAP-4G Community Edition license for free. If you are starting WiMAP-4G for the first time you can easily request a Community License within the software. The license will directly be sent to you by e-mail (please check your spam-folder if you are waiting).


Please unzip the file (select for the 32bit or 64bit version depending on your OS) and run the contained installer which gives you further instructions.

Hardware requirements

WiMAP-4G works on any typical Windows computer. For sure performance depends on the amount of data you want to process. In general, RAM is more important than CPU speed.