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Integrated Radio Masts

Outdoor WiFi access

Outdoor WLAN enables customers to get an easy Internet access at low costs for their  notebooks, tablets, and smart phones with its various applications.

However, noticeable implemented radio technology often leads to disapproval, especially in recreation areas and public places.

For this reason brown-iposs developed a fully Integrated Radio Mast. All system components are mounted inside of the Integrated Radio Mast and invisible from outside.

The solution

The masts are build with Glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). GRP is a composite of synthetic material. Besides the extremely high lifetime, the material is corrosion free and weather-proof.

Several mast length of 4 to 12m including multiple applications for mounting on top (street lights, video surveillance etc.) are available. Each mast features a hatch for inserting power and data lines as well as a maintenance opening.

The deployed masts are statically reviewed and are compliant the specifications of EN 40-7.

The system supports a wide frequency range from 400 MHz to 6 GHz and numerous available radio standards in the field of mobile and data communication.

Glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) is a composite material from glass and synthetic plastics. It provides a ultra-high life-time and remains free of corrision. It also is not impacted by weather conditions and is extremly robust.

Modular Design

Inside our lamp postes
  • Integrated Radio Mast including antennas and cables
  • Optional: "Active Enabling Kit": System technology for access and interconnection
  • Optional: External controller, Hotspot Control Set
  • Optional: Lights (incl. LED) and light sources
  • Optional: Brackets for plenum boxes and tilting  joints
  • Camouflaged as street lamp, traffic light, road sign, billboard, etc.


Marinas, City-Wi-Fi, Camping

MarinaCity-WiFi networks and wireless networks in outdoor areas, like at marinas, can be set up quickly and elegantly with the help of the Integrated Radio Mast, which fully integrates antennas and system components in a lamp pole.

For camping sites and similar outdoor-WiFi networks the Integrated Radio Mast is the ideal solution, since it unobtrusively provides a full  wireless coverage - along with the lighting of the area. In combination with our proven online and offline payment system for internet access we are delivering these networks turnkey.



GRP lamp posts are ideal for company's outside area, port facilities and logistics parks due to their robustness and flexibility. With our Integrated Radio Masts the internal corporate IT network can easily be extended to the outside. APs of almost any vendor might be integrated in the masts, which helps to keep the IT-network homogeneous.


Several antennas inside the masts allow a wide variety of network structures. In particular it enables to separate the infrastructure network from the access network itself - without additional cabling. The access network can be extended to a metro-zone with uninterrupted cell-handover between the poles.