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Wireless services@campus

Leisure Parks, Shopping Center, Fairs, ...

In many local areas like e.g. leisure and amusement parks, or shopping centers visitors are looking for local information, e.g. about the next coffee place nearby. Though a lot of signs helping them to find their way traditional information systems - including modern display systems - are very limited. 

A local information app including local positioning and social media integration can offer much more precise the required information to the visitor. It can inform you where to find your buddies - or just your children - around, how long it takes to wait for the roller-coaster, how to find your way to the next show, or just help you to tell your friends via facebook or Twitter where you are and how you feel.

Bundling network & service from brown-iposs

Brown-iposs offers by its bips.infotain products a full turn-key solution, which comes with the service - including apps and backend servers - as well as the network, based on WiFi or small cells. It can be deployed indoor, outdoor, or even in mixed areas.

The service comes with a full set of options
  • taylored mobile apps and internet services
  • integration of video streaming (broadcast and on demand)
  • local positioning (also without GPS)
  • integration with social media (facebook, Twitter)
The local network based on WiFi is fully designed and implemented by brown-iposs. Depending on local requirements it offers a metrozone with cell-by-cell hand-over and roaming. It also includes state-of-the-art monitoring and support.


Wireless networks & services for plants & office parks

Also in plants, office parks, and storage places rather the application (service) is required as the network. Only by its services any network infrastructure is ensuring its return-of-investment.

Brown-iposs bundling solution bips.infotain is perfectly suited also for logistics and office parks. It may show you where to find your colleague or the materials needed for production. It might run in the background or as a guide on employees handsets or tablet computers.

Nursing homes and hospitals are further application areas for bips.infotain. Many, many more situations require the bips.infotain solution.